Routing error on "Hunsrückhöhenstraße", help please

Hi all, this is almost certainly a small error in the OSM data, right?

But I can’t figure out how to fix it. It probably has to do with the turn restrictions, right? It seems that the node says “only straight on” and “only right turn”, that can’t be… But Lima-City doesn’t even output a warning, so…? Is it something else? A little help would be appreciated


Ich glaube, dass ich den Fehler gefunden habe.
Bin mir aber nicht sicher
Auf der “Hundsrückhöhenstraße” steht “nur geradeaus” (Ost-West und West-Ost)
Soweit so gut:

Gleichzeitig steht aber “nur rechts abbiegen” (von der “Hundsrückhöhenstraße” in den südlichen Feldweg)
Gemeit ist es vermutlich anders
“nur rechts abbiegen” vom “südlichen Feldweg” zur “Hundsrückhöhenstraße”


I had a look here. I think, as Manfred said, the issue is the only right turn restriction. My best guess is that from and to of the restriction are in the wrong order.

If you reverse the waypoints, the route works as expected.

das ist wörtlich das was ich gesagt hab, nur in Deutsch :smiley: ich konnte das im Editor aber nicht fixen, hast du es jetzt gefixt?

yeah, me too, didn’t you guys read the rest of my post? :smiley: question is how we fix it :wink:

Sorry, for some reason I even thought that your post was in German. :confused:
Ok I have changed it now. I Hope, it’s correct.

I used JOSM to change this.
Not very intuitive, but a powerfull OSM-editor


All good, I was just confused why you repeated it :sweat_smile:
Ok are we sure that both right and left turns are prohibited as you set it now? It’s probably correct, seeing that coming from the other side it’s also only straight on

Ok, then this is done. Thx everybody

Ah, sorry if I missed that :). You can change relations by changing the way, that even works with the online editor and you don’t even need josm.

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Ah thank you, the easiest way is indeed the online editor.

If you click on an intersection point, then a window of your intersection appears on the left side.
On top of this window is a hint: “click on the from way


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It works, good job team!