Routes offroad - motoplaner-features

Dear all,
I am a newbe with Kurviger / this forum; I was using for some time until final shutdown. Sad.

I am using the route planer function not for planning, but for documention of my trips - I do an export into KML file and list them in my growing diary to visualize them finally in the

Unfortunately, Kurviger has some limitations I am not able to overcome: e.g. I cannot pass certain road-barriers, I cannot re-draw a boat- or train-trip (as was possible with motoplaner via the POI-modus), etc.
Motoplaner was perfect for my usecase, Kurviger seems the best available option - but due to the limitation not sufficient.

Are there similar requests? I found the FAQ about offroad-planning - which is not exactly what I am looking for. Is there any chance to get this kind of feature implemented in the near future?

Thanks for your support,

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