Route wird neu berechnet

Vielleicht müsste die Zeit zur Neuberechnung bei GPS Verlust etwas höher angesetzt werden. Bei erkanntem Falschabbiegen natürlich so schnell wie möglich. Ich weiß nicht in wie weit das separiert werden kann.
Ist bei der Neuberechnung durch Signalausfall auch eine internetverbindung nötig, bzw. wird bei der angesagten Neuberechnung die komplette Route neu berechnet oder nur ein kleiner Abschnitt?

Gruß Frank

Das ist der Trick :wink:. Wir können die Zeit beliebig erhöhen, jedoch wird falsch Abbiegen dann auch später erkannt. Es gibt für ein paar mögliche Ansatzpunkte und wir haben das auf jeden Fall auf dem schirm.

Ja, für jede Neuberechnung wird Internet benötigt. Ich persönlich fahre mittlerweile mit ausgeschalteter Neuberechung und lasse Kurviger bewusst manuell neu berechnen. Es wird immer die komplette Route neu berechnet. Das geht technisch nicht anders.

Today, on this route I got about 15 recalculation messages.
I never left the route (exept start and end).
From looking on the map (during ride) position was always on route (maybe some short flickers)
To document the situation I rode 3 rounds with gpslogger running in the background. (see attachment)
About 15 recalculation messages on one route leg.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F
  • Android 8.0.0
  • Kurviger V1.2.1 settings:
    • Kalman filter on
    • position on route on
    • recalculate route on

20180922.gpx (396.0 KB)


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Thanks Manfred for the samples and the effort to provide them!

We’ll need to check them. :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you remember at which leg the reroutings were triggered?

Snap to route option snaps user marker on route, so would be difficult to see any GPS deviations in real time with that enabled.

And Kalman filter smooths the GPS deviations, so would be difficult to see them with that enabled too.

If want to see the actual GPS readings in real time, should disable both Kalman filter and Snap to route options.

Ich glaube da hab ich was nicht verstanden oder übersehen… Wie initiiere ich denn eine manuelle Neuberechnung ohne Internet unterwegs?

What do you mean with leg?
On the whole gps-track I got around 45 recalculating messages. Somewhere between 13 and 17 massage on each pass of the route. It felt sporadic and I can’t remember any specific place on the route.
I do remember recalculating messages near waypoint 3 which suprised me, because this is free open space.
my counting of recalculation messages includes some repeating messages because route recalculation may not have been fast enough. (this happens on a fast moving motorbike :sweat_smile:)

If want to see the actual GPS readings in real time, should disable both Kalman filter and Snap to route options.

I thought this settings would influence navigation too.
Are those settings only for map view?


Ohne Internet funktioniert keine Neuberechenung.
Wenn Du automatische Neuberechnung ausschaltest verhinderst Du eine ungewollte Neuberechnung wenn Du sie evtl. gar nicht brauchst.


Hello all,
interesting question by Wolf: How do I force a new route calculation manually if I’m online but automatic new calculation is switched off in the navigation menue.
For example: In a longer tunnel or in case I want to go a diverent way for just one kilometer or so, I don’t want an automatic new calculation. But if I see that I missed a turn off I want the new calculation. For example by hitting the rectangel alert sign at top of the screen which appears when leaving the route.
Till now I use the automatic calculation which works fine in most of the cases but I would prefer the manual forced calculation if it is easy to start by one click (whithout entering a manue) while driving.
Or have we just not seen that something like that is already possible?
Kind regards

I’m referring to your statement above.
In routing a leg is usually the route part between 2 instructions or waypoints.

Snap to route is more cosmetic, Kalman filter affects navigation.

See also here where this feature is discussed.

In next Kurviger can force a rerouting during navigation by tap the warning sign (visible when being off route). :slightly_smiling_face:

Taht’s great to hear, I can hardly wait for the next update :grinning:
Great job on this fantastic app. I really like it and will enjoy using it on our next ride to south france which will start tomorrow morning.

What surprised me was, that I can’t remember so many recalculation messages for more than a year.
Something must have changed.
Well, one of the changes is my Samsung Galaxy S7 which I got recently.
Anyway, that’s not a real issue for me.

@devemux86 if you wish, I can ride the above route again as long as weather is fine.
I could try to:

  • power cycle my phone before the route.
  • maybe install a screen recording app and try to record the ride (never done so)
  • change whatever settings in Kurviger.
  • change some settings in GPS Logger

What do you think?


Would be interesting to try also without the Kalman filter, to see how the GPS actually behaves.

Did you run the app anytime in background with closed screen?
Then battery optimization could stop app or GPS leading to off route cases.

No, always with screen on and phone mounted on the handle bar.

Danke für den Hinweis.
Unter Einstellungen->Gerätewartung->Akku->Nicht überwachte Apps habe ich

  • Kurviger
  • GPSLogger

Das sollte passen


That would have been my first recommendation :slight_smile:. Sometimes things behave weird and often a restart fixes these issues. Would be very interesting to see if this is the case.

When importing your track the visualization on Kurviger looks quite good. There are a couple GPS jumps, but I don’t think that this is the issue.

If after a restart the same happens again, you could try to install GPS Status and see if this changes anything.

Well, what should I say.
I installed the september updates from Samsung and power cycled my phone.
Then i rode the above route again.

  • from start to end with Kalman filter off
  • back from end to start (Action->turn route) with Kalman filter on

Not a single recalculation message


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I am happy to hear that this solved the issue. I guess this was a one time issue then that was solved by the reboot :+1:. Please let us know if this behavior happens again.

Always nice to hear such results!
Thanks again Manfred for the detailed feedback. :slightly_smiling_face: