Route width

Provide all app settings and a screen image so we can understand what you mean.

Maybe you chose a new option in the menu ‘Navigation / Route appearance → Advanced’?

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I am back from my 350 km Eifel Tour and am totally unhappy with these recent changes.
I have used Advanced and normal. There is no difference, I have always this too small and far away line while driving.

Nothing works any more like before. I have tested any zoom mode and route width.

even in the old kurviger 1 pro I have still may broad navigation line that I like and that I am used to.

I am extremely disappointed about this change. What do I need to do to get the the broad nagivation line back?

This is for example 240% and 17.0 as min/max Auto Zoom in Kurviger 1.0


This feature is the most important for me. Who has requested to change this?

In 3D map the distant elements are always smaller, as we see the real 3D world with our eyes.

Route width can be adjusted in “Settings | Routing | Route width”.

Performance and maintenance have priority over extreme sizes.
(and Kurviger 1 will work similarly too)

The maximum width scale is more than enough for everyone:

Does it mean that only this setting now influences the route width? Then it is not sufficient for me. I need at least 400% then.

not for me, can you please make 400 or 500%? Any other user can stay below 200%. But if the Automatic Zoom is not working any more, how can I else get a broad route width or greater zoom?

200% is only this terrible small line on my Galaxy S9+

“Settings | Routing | Route width” only affects the route width, as always.

Could you then please allow 400% or 500%? A broad navigation line is the most important feature for me. For me, this function was the essential element that Kurviger had ahead of all other navigation systems. Why limit this to 200%? Or can you make another percentage value for the route width while navigating?

in Kurviger 1 there is still the old style. Isn’t this visible in my screenshots?

I would rather do without all the other features. Why are you taking flexibility out of the app? The performance was also absolutely ok for me before.

This is like asking doctors why they are making a medical decision.

But why is the line so small at 200%? Can the map be zoomed while navigating?

Maybe it works if the route width can be slided to 400% or 500%. Could you make this available so that it can be tested, please?

The zoom of the map has nothing to do with the width of the route.
This is not a road on a map, it is a fixed line overlay.

I may increase the max % depending on the map engine limits.

Do not expect such extreme size, there was never >300% size.

But the auto zoom min/max worked like an at least 400%. Can this “new performance feature” possibly be made optional via a checkbox old style/new style.?
Otherwise, Easter is over for me. Gallows humour: I lie down in front of the TV and hope that the Easter Bunny sends this update to Ukraine.

Please read carefully my above answer, this is the only thing that can be done.

I can confirm that the performance is better, it is even as good as you can use now the animated location. But still the route width is too small on high resolution devices, at least on my S9+. Since we are in a testing mode, would it be possible to make the slider for the route width temporarily up to 600% and we find out on the road (not in simulation mode) what is the best fitting maximum? At the moment I would guess based on the actual width at 200%, that 400% would make it much bettter. I would like to test even higher percentages in real life, not in theory.
Alternative proposal. Would a new check box for high resolution smartphone make sense which interprets the width slide by factor 2 or 2,5?

There will be different route widths for planning vs navigation.
e.g. the website has a nice thin route line useful while planning

The slider can go up to 300% as it was before.

The high resolution devices can change their screen to Full HD (1080p).
→ better battery and visibility

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sounds good

I know, but I use already HD+ and neither FHD+ nor WQHD+ and the thin line from my screenshot was made at HD+ resolution.

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It would be nice if everyone did not try to push their views to developers or users.
Sometimes not politely… Developers know their software better than anyone else.

For me this is enough reason to think if the forum is really worth my time…


Would prefer 400% as max, 330% would probably be my optimum, but if not otherwise possible, I think I can live with 300% route width. Thanks.