Route transfer to the app and to the group

Before i use gpx file tp transfer to the app seems to have been stopped

I’m not sure if I understand correctly: you want to export a route that you have planned with Kurviger on the computer as a GPX file and import it again in the Kurviger mobile app?

Or do you want to import the gpx file into another mobile phone app (not Kurviger)?
Or do you mean something else?

Ich weiß nicht, ob ich das richtig verstehe: Du willst eine Route, die du mit Kurviger auf dem Computer geplant hast, als GPX-Datei exportieren und in der Kurviger-Handy-App wieder importieren?

Oder möchtest du die gpx-Datei in einer anderen Handy-app (nicht kurviger) importieren?
Oder meinst du etwas anderes?

My question is how do I transfer planned routes from my laptop to the mobile app and others in the group?
Before I was able to do this via a QR code this seems to have disappeared. Now it just goes to my downloads in my memory where I am unable to move it anywhere I need. Am I missing something?

The easiest way is the kurviger cloud.

Via .kurviger file or via shortlink / QR code, located now in Plan / Share:

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