Route recalculation using a fixed route

It probably has been asked many times, apologies if the answer is already somewhere. Is it still necessary to turn of automatic route recalculation when doing a route? For example a road is closed on the route, is it better than to turn of the automatic route calculation, when I am riding a planned route. I just want to make sure it is not shortcutting the route and that it send me back or something, or totally changes the planned route…Thanks, I am a fan of the App!

The app is still very new. IMHO there are too few real world examples to make a final conclusion.
Best would be you test it, and report the results with route examples. :wink:

The current logic for recalculation is the following:

  • Via points are mandatory and and should not be skipped.
    You will be sent back, if you have missed a via point.
  • Shaping points can be skipped if it is behind you. You will not be sent back, if you have missed a shaping point.

Apart from that, every recalculation has the potential to change parts of your route.
After all it is the idea of a recalculation, to change something.

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thank you, it is what it is for now…would be great if there was something possible like what I described, just go to the next shaping point on the fixed
route automatically, and not the one that is closest or the one behind me…in my experience indeed every recalculation messes up the fixed route completely, so probably better to not choose for automatic recalculation when driving a route…

Have you seen cases where the recalculation does not work as expected? As far as I can see it should work pretty well as it is right now.

So when I load a fixed route, using a GPX file , and whilst driving the route I come across a closed road, it will automatically recalculate and bring me back on the fixed route?
That is my question actually, if that works it will be great but I doubt since recalculating probably changes the fixed route…I havent tried it yet but I am about to try it this week…but wouldnt want to mess up the fixed route…thanks for the advice here.

Usually, Kurviger will calculate a new route to the next waypoint. If you manually used the skip waypoint, one will be skipped additionally.

So if you want to make sure the route stays exactly as planned, don’t recalculate. If you can accept changes, then you can recalculate.

Thank you…I really hope there comes a time that recalculation doesnt change the route as planned but just brings you back on the route as planned if there is a roadblock and a detour is needed…:smiling_face:

In such cases it would be great if you could share your route as a Kurviger link.
If you also tell us where you left the route, than we could check what might have gone wrong.
This may help the developers to improve the algorithm.


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To prevent the recalculation from changing your route excessively, what you should do is put many waypoints. Thus, the possible recalculation will only act up to the next point and since the original route is close, it will not vary excessively.

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Well, today I tried, I made a roundtrip, there was a roadblock so I skipped the waypoint, (on my laptop I converted the shapingpoint to waypoints in Kurviger tourer, ) what it did actually, it recalculated indeed but not to the next waypoint, it planned the route to the final destination…its annoying to be honest…what sense does it make to skip a waypoint in the app but it doesnt bring you to the next, not by automatic recalculation…furthermore when I loaded the route again and took the start point from where I was it guided me in the opposite direction of the route, so I went back the same road that I came…it actually brought me back to waypoint number 1. I would think it would pick up the route closest by. Skipping the earlier waypoint shortened the route intensively so that didnt make sense.

To understand what might have happened we really need a route example as stated above
Than you can tell us where you left the route (e.g. near what WP-number).
Which waypoint-nr. did you skip.

BTW waypoint is the general term.
We distinguish between via-point and shaping-point.
That is not just nitpicking, but it is important for understanding recalculation issues, which waypoint-type you put where.

When you start navigation off-route, you should get a popup like this.
Which option did you choose?

thank you, I dont exactly know where I had to take the detour and do a recalculation, will try to be more mindfull next time, first I took Route ab hier, but that shortened the rountrip with 150 km, so I took Start ersetzen and that one brought me back to waypoint nr 1 and from there it picked up the route again…still I am not sure what skip next waypoint in the app does…you can skip it but then? It doesnt bring you automatically to the next one, would be nice if that was so…automatic recalculation or even manual recalculation is very tricky and unreliable when doing a roundtrip…