Route Overview sometimes covered by display panels

Rarely do I use the Route Overview during navigation - mostly only in the car. There, it beats the corresponding function in “BMW Navigation Professional”. With a small possibility for improvement: the routing displays on the left and right sometimes cover the route shown:

With appropriate transparency still bearable, but perhaps the algorithm can consider the display panels … low priority!

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Panels size is variable and also depends on user settings in display / font size.

We’ll see, as if we make route overview a rectangle, then it would be too small?

True, but if the user selects “route overview”, they have uttered the preference to see the whole route, and we would assume they can live with it being seen from pretty far up high. So maybe a zoom out until start and end point have both X and Y values inside the visible area could be possible? Probably inconvnient to get the width of the info panel on the fly, but that would be my first idea

Can you share the route and location shown in the image?

Have you changed any sizes in app settings?

Sure I can: Schloss_Ortenburg.kurviger (68.1 KB) - the screenshot is just related to the last few kilometers of a long tour.
Yes I’ve changed something - perhaps the most important is 130% for the character size. Here you may look for all other changes: (1.9 KB)

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Made a planning for the last few kilometers of the long tour with start aproximately at the location point of the screenshot made by zaphod_42. URL:

Perhaps it helps for testing.

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