Route name and therefore TAB name of browser does not update

I appears to me that the tab name of the browser is keeping its initial value
I often keeps tabs as a bookmark

so if I reopen a bookmark and calculate a new route the tabname will not change

so let say my very first route is from Munic to Hamburg
I will save this bookmark
2 days later I open the bookmark and calculate Rome to Milano
the route name and the tab name will still be named Munic to Hamburg

I feel the tabname is created from the route name butr the route name is not updated without login
do you recomend to use a user account?

If you would like to save the route in the cloud or save your favorites, yes. If you save a route with a name, this name is set as route name. If you don’t want to use these features, signing up for an account is probably not necessary (but there are even more features planned, so stay tuned!).

The route name is also set when importing a route file.

You can reset the route name, with the ‘X’ next to the name, this will re-fetch the name.

In the future it is planned to use the waypoint names here as well.

great, thanks for your answer
it was too simple

comment: it seems a query for a place is resolved in coordinates
the route (empty) route name is then generated from a place nearby

Hamburg - München resolves in a name
Hamburg - Stadtbezirk 01 Altstadt-Lehel

Leipzig - Dresden resolves in a name
Mitte - Altstadt

Rostock - Berlin
Ortsbeirat 14 : Stadtmitte - Berlin

it seem to extract the name from a relation of a suburb(/Area administrative level 9)
if have no idea about OSM tag, first thing that comes in my mind is [place:village/town/city]
nothing to worry about, but maybe you will come across this issue while preparing other features

my question is solved

Yes that’s correct.

With automatic lookups, there is always something to improve :slight_smile:. That’s why it’s possible to change the name through the export or by saving it in the Kurviger cloud. More options will come in the future :slight_smile:.

The website got a bigger update regarding the route name. Route names now update when you move the waypoints, as long as they are not user defined. They also use waypoint names automatically and you can easier change the name of a route.

Screenshot from 2020-07-17 19-46-15

Once you set the name of a route, like importing it through a GPX file the name does not update anymore.

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