Route Information with Travel time

Typically, l’m planning stops based on travel time, not distance, which might not correlate well depending on the section profile (curvy vs. Autobahn) . Thus it would be helpfull, if the Route Information Window would offer an option to display the time on the x-axis.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we have on the radar and might be able to provide in the future. In the meantime, you can check travel times along the route with a few different tricks:

  • Place a shaping point there and click on the shaping point will show you the distance and travel times at this point.
  • You can enable turn instructions (drop down menu, turn instructions, show turn instructions on map). When you click on the yellow dots, you will see travel times to these dots.
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Thanks for the hints. I think, I will continue to export the GPX Track and display it using for now.