Route Info / Name in App

Hello Emux,
if it is possible I would be glad about an extension of the info window. When long pressing on a tour, numerous choices are displayed. I am missing the name of the route.
So far I find this only under Tools > Info.
Reason: I have several routes to choose from for frequently visited destinations. Sometimes I want to make sure which one I have selected.

2nd image shows coordinates, so you long pressed on the map (not on route).
Long press on the route shows the route distance / time and the route actions.

And this only in the title of the dialog that can be modified.
i.e. replace route’s distance / time with the route’s filename.

But this is already available in the menu “Tools | Info”.
And it is easier than trying to long press on route line.

Perhaps long press could display the file name, so:

  • short press show distance and time, as shown now.
  • long profession show file name.

You are right, i chose the wrong screenshot. My suggestion is to ad the info in the pop-up when long press on the route.

Long press on the route opens the route menu to select different route actions (e.g. reverse route, segment profile, …)