Route Import: one waypoint moved very far


I just built a a route in Kurviger (on the webpage) and then imported it (via QR code) to the Android app, and one waypoint in the middle of the route moved hundreds of km away

to wit, here is a photo from my macbook screen as I designed the route:

and here is what the import did to it:

The route is: Kurviger - Dein Motorrad-Routenplaner

I tried this a few times , moving that waypoint a bit and adding others nerby, and it seems to always be point 4 that is completely wrong

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That link does not return a valid route when open it.

In any case the points seem be names instead of coordinates - which are far more safe to use.

When open links with names, an online search is performed for each name, in order to find its coordinates and the first successful result is used (e.g. via point 7 search fails).

Somehow seems via point 4 with name “Ben Lomond, 95005, Kalifornien, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika” returns a search result in the wrong location, depending also the visible screen map area?

I don’t think it is the name. it seems to consistently be point 4 in my trip.

I will try again

Hat es einen Grund, warum Punkt 7 Rot geschrieben ist? Vielleicht ist das der Ort der nicht gefunden wird?

Is there a reason why item 7 is written in red? Maybe this is the place that is not found?

At least in application, when search there is a location bias of results order based on map center.

That has meaning using search panel, probably we shouldn’t use it with route links with names?

Yes Kurviger can’t find this place. That’s why its highlighted in red.

Names often lead to issues. Therefore, by default we remove the waypoint name when you share a route. We don’t do this to annoy users :slight_smile:.

Please let us know, if there are issues when you share a route, that only uses coordinates. We recommend to share routes using coordinates. Waypoint names are a feature that we would like to add in the future: App / Website: Waypoint names

Hmm. strange though. When I made that route on the web and created the code (to import to the app) i had ‘remove waypoint names’ ticked. So should it not have created that route using only the coordinates the website has calculated, in stead of passing the names to the android app to calculate again? I would really expect that a route designed on the website is sent to the app as-is and not just have the app re-locate all waypoints by name…

This is the default behavior. The name lookup only happens if you change the waypoint name checkbox. By default it is set to work without any issues.