Route goes right but driving instruction tells me to turn left?


Just completed my first longer trip (about 3200km) with Kurviger and overall I’m very pleased with it.
How ever, there were few occasions when I approached intersection and route was going to right (or left) but driving instruction instructed me to turn to the opposite direction.
Later when I inspected the route I found out that route planning had placed some waypoints incorrectly.
All these incorrect waypoints were placed automatically by the route planning (so I haven’t placed or moved them manually).
Route was planned with web browser and imported to my mobile phone with QR-code.

App version Kurviger Pro 1.13.14
Link to route

Please see the relevant documentation where the cause and the solution are explained.

That is: avoid placing waypoints on intersections or move them later.

Thank you for your comment. But like I described: I haven’t placed those faulty waypoints - all of them were placed automatically by the route planning on website.


how did you proceed so that those faulty waypoints were placed? Can you describe it in detail?

Did you export your route as GPX and reimport it afterwards (you should not do that but use .kurviger export instead) ?



See also @boldtrn’s answer in another related discussion:

Hi Markus,

On website first I select option ‘Fast and curvy road’, then I set start and end points. Then I added some additional waypoints to make the route go through places I wanted. None of those waypoint I added manually were those faulty ones.
Then I click ‘Share’ and read the QR code with my mobile phone.

Except in roundtrips I never saw setting waypoint on its own.


I would always check my waypoints manually, which can easily be done - even with the app.
Otherwise you might get routes like here


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Hi HeikkiS,

thanks for the description - but I wonder because I fully agree to zaphod_42: Usually kurviger does not add waypoints on its own, the only exceptions I know are creating round trips and importing GPX routes … :thinking:

I did a test: Starting with your route, I removed all points besides start and destination. Afterwards I added 6 waypoints to force the route on your one:

I can import it to my mobile phone via QR code, as far as I can see there are still the same points in it … :thinking:

Regards Markus


Hi Markus,

This is really strange. I looked at all routes I have planned in Kurviger and this is the only one which has so much waypoints.

Some waypoints seem to be totally unnecessary - two or more subsequent waypoints on a road which has no other possible route.

I tried to re-create similar situation with new routes but I couldn’t make it happen. Only when I imported a .gpx file from my Garmin Zumo into Kurviger I got a route with tons of waypoints but that was not the case with my original route.

I guess this remains a mystery. I just need to be more careful in the future and pay more attention to waypoints.

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