Route export doesn't works

Good morning
I have an active “Kurviger annual subscription”.
As soon as I want to export a route the following message appears:
“Your free subscription has expired. We hope you enjoyed it”.
What is wrong here?
I am active and subscribed!
Thanks and greetings

Hi, I think your report concerns the website, so I moved it into that category.
Can you post a screenshot here?

It would be great if you could post a screenshot, I am not aware of any message like this. Maybe this is an ad?

Hi. thanks for answer

After I press the export button the orange screen appears first, then the blue message and after pressing “close” the error message appears.
Thank you
I may post only one picture, I’ll try to send the others with a new reply!?

Ah ok, this is not from Kurviger, but from a software you installed on your computer. I think this software tries to open the GPX file by default.

You can see the yellow background with “PRO”, that is not Kurviger. I am not sure which application this is, but this is probably the one with the free subscription that ran out.

I am not sure about that. But this folder \\WSTMS.... seems a bit suspicious, I am not a Windows expert, could be some sort of issue that the network mount is having an issue or not allowing spaces or anything like that. I would recommend to store the file locally on your computer first. If that works, you can try the network mount to make sure the issue is not something else.


The problem is solved :-), thanks for your support