Route doesn't follow GPS Position any more

apart from the discussion about rerouting changes the planned route I gave Kurviger a try again in the dolomites, but had to stop immediately since the location arrow has disappeared (just the circle around the gps position was visible) and didn’t follow the gps position any more even if I was in follow route mode.
Is it a setting somewhere which can cause this?

Also when pressing the compass symbol, there is only 2 options: Map rotation on and Map rotation off. Wasn’t there a menu with several more options in the past like manual, 2D, 3D and some more I don’t recall … ?

If mean navigation, both appear together.
Please post screenshot to understand better.

Next version will allow to select Android or Google location service, if the 2nd seems responsible on some device.

Can see documentation for more details:

If mean the following location marker during navigation, that can appear if device GPS sensor doesn’t provide location bearing in its reports.

yes, pretty much like this, but while trying to navigate… other navigation apps were working then… is is really a GPS sensor problem then? Should I delete and reinstall Kurviger maybe?

Maybe there’s some correlation with version 1.9 and Google locations services like with the strange behaviour discussed here.

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Kurviger 1.9.2 was released with location service option to select which works better on the device.