Route does not take ferry


Question. Why can’t I add a ferry crossing when making a tour? He does not recognize the ferry in the route. Coordinates: 52.63021554094949, 6.039594300178912

Thank you.

Route link:

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… although further down “motorcar=yes” is listed.
By the way, it doesn’t work in google maps either.

motorcar does not include motorcycles, unlike motor_vehicle which does.

I changed it to motor_vehicle=yes
You can clearly see a motorcycle on their homepage :wink:
Veerpont Genemuiden: Home


Interestingly, this is not the first time we had this problem. It seems that people adding stuff on OSM confuse “motor_vehicle” and “motorcar” quite often :thinking:

Yeah, I think many don’t think about other vehicles than cars :slight_smile:

This is also mentioned in our documentation: There was an issue during the route calculation or navigation, what can I do about it? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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