Route does not follow track

A friend send me a track he drove. Imported it into kurviger on my laptop and made the route follow to the track. Exported it to my mobile phone and imported it to kurviger app. Now the route isn’t the same as on my laptop and doesn’t follow my track at some places. What am i doing wrong.??? How can i make the route to follow my track perfectly

Original rout from

Strange - for the same part of the route you have 3 waypoints in your screenshot of the app, but 16 waypoints in the “original route from” … :question:

How do you transfer the route? (see the documentation)

It is recommended to use kurviger files to transfer routes (not gpx),
thus retaining all route options and avoiding recalculations.

Then the routes should be transferred correctly.

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Oké gonna try that. Now i have the links to the route saved to my mobile. When i open the link the route is oké. gonna save the as kuriviger route thanks

That worked very well. Share the route on kurviger with a QR code. Scanned it with my phone en then saved the route to my mobile phone as a kurviger route. Now the route is perfect without a track visible.

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If you import a route or track from an arbitrary source, it is advisable to check the generated route.
Otherwise your wapoints may be on dead ends, or parallel streets etc
This is the case in your example route e.g. with:
WP45 (on parallel street),
WP43 (in the middle of an intersection)
WP29 (opposite side of a roundabout)
… and probably many more .
Usually you don’t need more than about 10WP/100km with Kurviger to follow a track.


Yes i know this route came from a friend who made it with tomtom. The waypoints moved after i used the magic want to put them on the road. So they where a little bit of centre i think. It was just to test how i can export and import routes to my phone. Thnx for the tips I’m want to use kurviger more to make my trips. I’m now using basecamp (garmin)

Have a look at the number of unnecessary U-turns in the instruction list.
Clicking leads you by map view to the nearby Shaping Points causing this.
The strange routing near two roundabouts you only detect this on the map.
Import as trackoverlay used as a template and replanning the route is fastest.

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