Route calculation improvements and screen utilization

Can these strange exits from the route be avoided? The calculated way should use the main road when this is the only “natural” road.

I have used quickest route option this time, but this should be avoided in any case.

Furthermore on the top of the screen there is a free space which maybe should simulate the horizon, but it is wasted space in my point of view, because the driven route is cropped there. Why not let the actual route last to the rim of the screen. Actually this space is hidden by the navigation bars with big font size in my screenshot, but when the font size is smaller this lost space is even more unnecessary.


Those are different cases involving the routing and the app.
Please create separate topics to discuss them conveniently.

Also better post Kurviger routes so we can reproduce them.

And need device details, i.e. copy the “Settings | About | Info”.

Seems like a GL regression on very high resolution screens.
I can adjust the map tilt better, improving such corner cases.

(can continue discussion for the routing report)

Here the settings… routing option was quickest route

Kurviger Pro 1.10.1
Android 9 (API 28)
samsung SM-G965F
1080 x 2220 (420 dpi)
OpenGL ES 3.2
Google location on

Strange Route 2.kurviger (813 Bytes) Strange Routing 1.kurviger (930 Bytes)

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Strange Routing 1 is obvious:
There is maxspeed=30 on the main road, and no speed limit on the residential.
So probably missing or false data in OSM. To change this you would need local knowledge.

Strange Route 2.:
There is a speed limit of 90 on the main road, and again no speed limit on the side road. :thinking:

Seems to be related to
Stick to Mainroads in Villages
Problem mit Micro-Umleitungen im Ort


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Yes, probably wrong data in OSM maps. This seems to happen quite often. I would prefer to handle such things in the calculation.

What about a new general setting for all route options (quick, curvy, very curvy…) except the one where main roads are avoided in order to stay on the mainroad in such situations? Let the user decide in Meters/Yards or Kilometer/Miles (steps from 100 meters till 2000 meters for example) with a slide control to avoid detours from the main road by ignoring speed information from OSM maps.

Thanks for the discussion. These cases are indeed not ideal. I am planning further improvements for the fastest route that should cover these cases :+1:.

This sounds like a nice option, but unfortunately that’s not possible from a technical perspective.

Thanks for analyzing these cases @linux-user :+1:

Please check Kurviger 1.10.2 (Beta) where that should be solved.

Perfect and works. Thank’s a lot.

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Solved in Kurviger 1.10.3.