Route (blue) with yellow via points will not follow my selected Waypoints (brown colored road)

I created a route on paved roads. Kurviger maps appears to believe one road is unpaved. It routes (blue route) over an even worse gravel (unpaved) road around my route where I have inserted THREE (3) waypoints.
I have SETTINGS for Unpaved Roads at “5” Maximum to avoid unpaved roads.
I tried different “curve road” settings (twisty, super twisty, etc) None would change the blue route to my desired route. Kurviger would not follow my waypoints. Here is a link to my ride:

How do I get the BLUE route to follow my Waypoints (# 32)

Hello to US,
I Import yr gpx file, it looks little strange.
However, the brown one are unpaved, delete prevent unpaved…

you didn’t give us a link - it’s a .gpx file only with waypoints (no track, no route). And this file doesn’t corrospondent to your screenshot:

You wont use unpaved roads but set several waypoints on such a road? Strange.
I just eleminated a lot of waypoints and get your expected route - as far as I understand:

Sure you have to drive gravel parts - it seems to me, there is no alternative.