Route at border Norway-Finland near Kirkeness

Hi, I’m planning a route from Finland to Norway, near the Russian border. But Kurviger somehow doesn’t let me pass this borderline and sends me on another way. Is Kurviger wrong or is it not possible to pass this borderline at this place?
Total route:

Hallo Paul, hilfreich wäre es wenn Du die Route hier teilen würdest.
Bei meinem Beispiel geht es

Hi Paul, it would be helpful if you could share the route here.
For my example,

Hi luckytown. I stitched it in the original post. Thanks!

Hallo Paul, 2x Möglichkeiten: entweder “Vermeide unbefestigte Straßen” abwählen oder mehr Zwischenziele verwenden

Hi Paul, 2x options: either deselect “Avoid unpaved roads” or use more waypoints

Parst of this road are unpaved and you selected the option to avoid unpaved roads:

This could be a error in OSM though. Looking at Street View it loos like asphalt. It might be worth investigating here and contact the user who added the gravel attribute.

I just wrote a comment here:

Edit: I already received an answer. It might be a data error.

Thanks for the reply. More waypoints don’t help, it might be the option to select unpaved roads. Thanks.

Great! Thanks. I’ll try the option of unpaved roads anyway, though for the total route I’m trying to avoid these kind of roads. As you already said, streetview implies an asphalt road. I’ll find out for sure next year :wink:.

Hallo Paul entweder ist die Übersetzung unglücklich oder ich verstehe die Antwort falsch. Wenn Du meinen Link,, nutzt siehst Du das mit zusätzlichen Punkten die Straße genutzt wird wie geplant, das mit aktivierter Vermeidung von “unbefestigte Straßen”.

Hello Paul either the translation is unfortunate or I misunderstand the answer. If you use my link,, you will see that with additional points the road is used as planned, with the avoidance of “unpaved roads” enabled.

I’m sorry Heiko, that was my misunderstanding. It works now, saves me many km’s :slight_smile: . Strange though, I had tried more waypoints before, it didn’t seem to work then. But I’m new with Kurviger. Anyway, good to have a good route now. Thank you! Have a good weekend.