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Route and waypoints deleted despite "Strict navigation" routing setting

Yesterday I had the effect on a planned route with crossed routing that route and waypoints have been partly deleted despite of “strict navigation” routing setting. I drove into the wrong direction which should have been taken on the way back, but instead of routing me back to the right way in the order of the defined waypoints, the waypoints have been deleted and route calculated new as if I was already on the way back. This should not happen at all when using the setting “strict navigation”. To my point of view this is an error that has crept in.

The annoying thing was that this was a spontaneously planned route that I hadn’t saved and I had to completely re-plan on the way. This is not a problem of kurviger, this was my fault. But the problem described before should not occur.

Thanks for the report.

Please provide an example of the route and location of the event,
to understand and reproduce the report.


As told, unfortunately I can’t. I didn’t save the route.

I can only try to simulate it with this example

I drove Baumholder “Panzerplatte” (tank plate) and then at the crossing to the left into the direction “Sankt Julian”. The planned route was direction right to Friedelhausen. Instead of telling me to return and drive back, all waypoints from 2 till 5 had been deleted so as if I was on the return path.

I guess you could simulate it with every crossing routes. To my point of view with setting “strict navigation” it should never delete any waypoint except if I use the manual skipping waypoint function.

Maybe there is an if condition somewhere which doesn’t recognize correctly the setting “strict mode”.

I can only tell what happened and you can believe me it happened. I am in this forum since years and I have a big interest in Kurviger functioning reliably. This is the first time since I recognized this problem for a long time (years to be precise) and I don’t use another method than “strict navigation”.


Thanks for the route example and the more detailed description.

I cannot reproduce the report.

Which app version?

Did you use offline rerouting?
Any other settings you have changed?

App Version was 2.1.3

Offline Rerouting, could be due to poor internet bandwith, but I don’t know any more. Is this a difference in route calculation when “strict navigation” is set?

The option “calculate new route in case of opposite direction” is switched off.

By the way what is the effect on “strict navigation” when the option “calculate new route in case of opposite direction” is switched on?

Navigation type affects all (re)routings.

Opposite direction is an off route state.
Strict navigation’s rerouting uses the unvisited waypoints.

Ok thanks, what I’ve meant was more: does it then tell to return? (if switched on or if switched off?)

The turn instructions are provided by the route calculation.

The option exists because many GPS are inaccurate with direction.

I have added some Waypoints (2, 3, 9, 8) to your route , so we can discuss a bit better.
@Tom, from your description my interpretation is:

  • after passing WP2, planned route was to turn right towards WP3
  • but you turned left towards WP9

@devemux86 what does switched off mean if you are at WP9 heading to WP8?
Does this mean, that Kurviger treats this situation than as on route although you are heading into the opposite direction?

  • So the next turn instruction would be “turn slightly right onto L169”?
  • And than, after you have passed WP8 (still heading in the opposite direction, but staying on B420) a recalculation is triggered?
  • Route should than be calculated towards shaping point 4 ?
    (note: WPs 2, 3, 9, 8 are just for explanation, they aren’t in the route)

GPS direction vs route direction is one of the factors that affect the off route status.
Other factors are distance from route or strict navigation must follow the waypoints.

In the example (with strict navigation) going left is already off route situation.
Also the GPS direction will be the reverse of the route direction (if enabled).


exactly, but I wouldn’t expect this, since I didn’t pass WP4 yet

ok, but if so, shouldn’t it then have send me back towards WP4 which is the planned route? In fact, it didn’t, all WP’s had been deleted and it has sent me back to L169 towards the destination in L176.

It should, however I can not reproduce it in the development simulator (it works correctly).

ok understand, thanks. I try to simulate something similar on one of the next trips which will not be long in coming :slight_smile: