Roundtrip options?

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New user Android app here. Today I tried the roundtrip on the app but did not start the route from home (start point). After 30km (and hearing a lot recalculation route …) I wanted to continue the route by going to the next nearest waypoint on my planned route… This didn’t seem possible or where can I find this possibility?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I don’t get you.

Please post a link to your route, so we have a chance to understand your issue.

  • where did you start?
  • where did the recalculation happen?
  • did the app locate you on the correct place?
  • did you see the “location arrow”?

That’s what the app is doing anyway.

Ok, let me try to explain.

In attached roundtrip, I start the route at the begin point (A), I then drive on my own to (X) and from there I want to continue the route starting from (B). While at (X) the app directions however, are pointing me to goto (A).

if you ride on your own, it may make sense to switch automatic recalculation off
You can do this by tapping on the navigation panel (upper left side) while navigation is running,

Anyways, when you are at point (X) the rerouting should point you towards (B) automatically.
I am wondering how this could have been different :thinking:

What are your settings for rerouting?
settings | navigation | recalculation mode

There you can choose between

  • Nearest point on route
  • Nearest waypoint
  • Next unvisited waypoint


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Think I found it! Thank you for your help.

Recalculate route was not selected
Recalculation was set to : Next unvisited waypoint.
I will set it to: closest waypoint on route

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That does not make sense.
How could you “hearing a lot recalculation route” if recalculate route was not set?

That should be fine. I wouldn’t change that.

Yes i’m not sure why I heard recalculation while the option is off…
In my case I think it need to be set to “closest route waypoint” because the “next unvisited waypoint” is at the start position of the route while I was 30km away and wanted to continue the route from my position. I will test this soon.


You can always use the “skip next waypoint” feature (cklick navigation panel)

Note the rerouting options are:

  • Nearest point on route - this is not the (numbered) waypoint!
  • Nearest waypoint - this is the numbered waypoint
  • Next unvisited waypoint.

Here is explained why - especially in roundtrips - rerouting could change the planned route if you use anything else than “Next unvisited waypoint”.

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Ah yes. It might skip route if the waypoints are close … hmm. Then again, the “nearest point on route” could be any yellow dot (turn)? If so, this option could be useful too for me.
I must also remember skip next waypoint :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Yes, “nearest point on route” could be any point on the “blue line”.

:bulb: When automatic recalculation is off, then the “rerouting option” is used for the arrow in the navigation panel, which you see if you are off the route.
One time recalculation can then be triggered with the “traffic sign” which appears - try it!

Will experiment some soon. Great navigation app !

Ok tried the new settings today. Perfect!
Setting to nearest point on route and once I’m off route, I click the warning notification icom in the top middle of screen. Then it recalculates and I’m on route again.

Thanks again for your help !!