Round-trip: cannot start navigation

Happent to me yesterday, planned a round-trip starting from my house, start navigation.
The app tells me I’m already at the end (which fundamentaly is true).

I have to start driving on my own so that the app understand I’m at the beginning of the trip.

Is there something to do to avoid that situation?

Which rerouting settings do you have?
settings | navigation | route recalculation mode
Which version of Kurviger?
In current Beta 1.13.7 you can select “strict navigation”

Apart from that simply make sure, that your end point is “behind” you, when you start navigation!
Just a few meters would be enough.

What you observe is basically a feature of Kurviger.
Its flexible navigation allows you to enter your route anywhere in the middle.
The downside is, that the app cannot know, that you are not just about to finish your tour, when you are close to the end point.

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I understand the explanation.
Still, the app could guess that in a round trip, when you start navigation, you are more likely to wish to go to the start rather than the end.

So it is rather a downside of a feature then a feature per se, and it could probably easily be fixed, IMHO.

Have you tested “strict navigation” ?

Computers usually aren’t good at guessing.
IMHO the (by far) easiest way is to place the end point a few meters behind you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can try Kurviger 1.13.9 (Beta) where that situation has been improved.
(either with strict navigation or without it)

Will try that this afternoon!
Thanks for feedback guys

I tried. Worked perfectly, I did’nt have to move away from the start/end point (my home btw).
Thanks a lot !