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Hi all !

My name is Alex, I am French.
I discovered Kurviger some time ago now and I must say that I appreciate this site to plan my routes.

I regularly organize orienteering races and therefore I need a roadbook editor. All those available on the Net do not satisfy me or are paid. I had developed some scripts on Google Sheet, but it was tedious and very difficult to share. So I decided to develop my own API to create roadbooks.
You can test ROADBOOK CREATOR at the following address:

For the moment, it is only translated into French, English, German. But it is bound to evolve if other languages are desired.

I made a small introductory video (no sound, just demo) which you can see at this address:

I await feedback to improve the site; do not hesitate!

Thanks for reading until the end.




Did you already have a look here as well?

The solution proposed by @Alex_P allows you to create an itinerary for the needs of the rally. I organized orienteering rallies for many years and I know that a drawn intersection diagram is necessary, but Kurviger’s route export doesn’t seem to contain it.

BTW, the Alex’s solution does not generate such diagrams automatically. Although I know from experience that such diagrams always need to be checked and improved personally, at location :smiley:

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Ok, these seem to be different purposes.

Yes ! Absolutely. Many sites offer road book production, but they are based on the route; so they put all the changes of direction. It’s not really what I was looking for.
Here, with ROADBOOK CREATOR, I choose my waypoints and adapt the pictogram accordingly by adding markers.
In addition, it is possible to generate a PDF to put in a roadbook dispenser.

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So, how do you combine your app with Kurviger?

As in the video, after creating a route, you just have to retrieve the data from the roadbook and then paste it in the appropriate box.
The app takes care of parsing stages and distances. Then it calculates different distances (remaining and partial).

A bit the same as the app you showed me, only I only get the steps. :slight_smile:

Ok, had another look for the video.

Obviously you have to insert the symbols by hand. Overall, it is a more elaborate (and perfect) solution.

In my solution the symbols offered by Kurviger can be used, as they can be pasted automaticaly into the Excel sheet too, if wanted.

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I think that the 2 apps are not comparable, they are not developed for the same purpose.
It is not necessary to recover all the changes of direction, especially for a rally. Too many indications would be counterproductive. In any case for the motorcycle rallies that I organize where it has to be quickly understood.
The only indications that I want are those that I put on the card because I can personalize them and especially enrich them with details seen on the spot.
By cons generate a pictogram relative to the GPS point, it is an idea to dig.

I created the wiki for ROADBOOK CREATOR (French & english) :

Edit : ROADBOOK CREATOR is online now.