Road status not up to date. Swiss alpine passes

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Road status doesent reflect the current status for various roads especially for alpine passes. For example, the Glaubenberg Pass has been open since April. Other example Ächerlipass is open on weekends but closed during working hours from Monday to Friday.

Wenn man sich die Details zur Sperrung ansieht, findet man eine zeitliche Begrenzung. Sperrung von November bis April.

Mit den anderen Pässen wird es sich ähnlich verhalten… :wink:


Hi, please keep the discussion in English if the thread was started in English :slight_smile:

@zoland Kurviger does not have a “live” update framework under its hood (these are often very difficult to implement, or sometimes even cost money to access data from somebody else). We simply use the data that provides, in this case - as Viola has correctly pointed out - a road closure from November to April. Kurviger then warns you that this pass might be closed, but you can still plan your route there for the future :slight_smile: