Road name abbreviation Lookup Table

I am using Kurviger Pro on my Samsung Galaxy 10S plus. I have switched the voice to use the Google voice which really improves the speech. The map abbreviations for TR, CR, and SR are all pronounced by the letters instead of saying Township Road, County Road, and State Route. Could a lookup table be put in the software to filter the abbreviations?

Which routing service: Kurviger, BRouter or GraphHopper?
What language?

Can you post a small route example?

Or the routing service could generate meaningful instructions per language,
as these are not needed only for voice guidance, but also for reading them.

The problem with these things is, that for example SR might often mean State Road but probably not always. For example SR could be also an abbreviation for Senior, there are probably a few roads in a Spanish speaking country where the road name is Sr [NAME] Calle or anything along these lines. There are many abbreviation examples for other abbreviations, for example Street is often abbreviated by St, but in other countries this is also used for Straße, Strada, and probably others.

I was thinking of a USER configured lookup table, so the localization would be the users choice. A check box to enable it and and then the user could add what they wanted to be announced. To me configurable is always better than hard code. It would probably only need a very small list like 8-10 abbreviations to minimize processing times.

Funny you should mention SR as I started out using the default Android text to speech which said Senior for SR which took me awhile to figure out what it was saying.

I use Kurviger routing service. is a short example. Unfortunately roads are not consistently signed by counties and townships, sometimes by name and sometimes with number. That is not my concern.

It would be better for me that abbreviations for SR (State Route), CR(County Road), TR(Township Road) be announced. Instead of saying “Continue onto East West Salem Road, CR 70” it should say “Continue onto East West Salem Road, County Road 70”.