Road continuity unexpectedly broken

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger - or at least I am not too sure why this happens.

I am looking to go from (45.672843,-61.506958) to (45.691552,-61.371346), they are a few kilometers away, but Kurviger returns a 3600km long route as it refuses to go over a bridge.

Zooming the map, I can see two subtle black lines surrounding the section that seems to trigger determine a loooonnng route. Any idea why this? And if there is a way to work-arounf this?

I tried other tools to trace the route, and there is no such issue.
Or any procedure to get it fixed?

Thank you !!

There is a barrier and also traffic signals.
Maybe an incorrectly entered in osm

But it works in OSM !

Yeap maybe this barrier is the issue…

“Access=Yes” may help …
Or (if you are Tourer-Subscriber) you use the beeline:

Btw: at moment this is not an easy road - especially for motorcycles:

2022-01-15 19_56_20-Canso Causeway_1.jpg (320×265)

:thinking: :wink:


I set access=yes, so it should work in a few days:


Same issue on the Natchez Trace Trail in Mississippi USA. When I encounter this, it always involves crossing a bridge.

Could you please share a “kurviger link” of a short route example, so that everybody can reproduce the issue.


Indeed :smiley: but I am looking to plan my summer !

Here is mine:


Actually there was no issue on OSM, but only on Kurviger is does the loooonng path - still today

It takes 2-3 days until kurviger has the new details from OSM. Just take a look on Wednesday again.


Assuming you are talking about the part between (17) and (18) …
There is a gate which may be closed under some conditions (snow ?):

Again “Access=Yes” could solve the problem - or (if you are Tourer-Subscriber) use the beeline:

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Gate is closed only for snow, doesn’t happen often in Mississipi. Hiw do I set Access=Yes and how do I beeline?

Using the picture from @zaphod_42: Beeline = route profile “Straight line” between waypoints 17 and 18: To select this route profile between WP17 and WP18 (marked with circles) you have to click the bird icon (marked with a circle). This route profile is only available for you when you have Tourer subscription.

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Have tourer subscription. Planning route on desktop computer. Don’t see a bird icon. Where is it? Can’t seem to find info in documentation

Ok. See what you meant by bird icon. How do I
Make a beeline?

it’s quite easy: just click on the bird icon between the waypoints (17) and (18) and the beeline is created - see icon at the map:

Btw: your waypoint names are a little bit strange …

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The beeline trick is fantastic ! Thank you !