Review first using on a bigger Trip


Today I would like to share the experience of the first longer use of the APP on a motorbike.

First the procedure of my planning.

For the first planning I use MRA, because I can use Googlemaps, then all my tours are stored there. It is also easier for me to search for restaurants, which are suitable for breaks. Also any sights you want to see on a tour. And of course the hotels and pensions. With OSM I find it even more difficult to display and search.
Well, after the arrival and return journey are roughly defined, they are saved as gpx 1.1. The next thing that matters is whether they are day trips or stage trips. With stage tours it is the same as with arrival and departure. For the day tours I already use the website very often. Let them give me suggestions with round trips, and these will be saved as gpx. In MRA, these are then imported again and adjusted until sights, restaurants etc. fit together. Then save everything as gpx again.

For tours of others, which can be found in the i-net, I also use Here you can e.g. display several suggestions of a region, separated by color. I then plan several new tours by clicking on the most suitable routes from the collection. Each tour is then saved as gpx again.

When everything is ready, each tour will be imported individually into Now only the small calculation errors with additional waypoints have to be corrected. Then each one is saved as .kurviger file.
And now, only now the actual editing begins, because as long as the WEB is not 100% compatible to the APP, I will not be spared.

Now I examine all tours on my Smartphone. First of all, all waypoints have to be renamed, because the WEB always hits the 47.XXX.XXX.XX. Nobody needs that. Now that this is done, all waypoints that are in the middle of a crossing / turn must be moved first. If not, it is possible that the arrow points to the left first to hit the waypoint, but the route goes to the right.
Also it is now time to give names to the important stations like “refuel”, “break”, “meeting point”, “lake XY”, “castle XY” etc. This is then exported and uploaded to my Nextcloud immediately via an APP of a friend “ZPUSH (beta)”.

Now it can start. At the motorbike I have a more or less motorcycle compatible Android 6 tablet from FODSports picture

It is waterproof and also bright enough. Here the tour is loaded and started via cloud.

The whole thing may seem very complex now, but it’s fun. But it would be desirable if the WEB version is soon 1:1 to the APP, then you can save yourself the post-processing.

No coordinates in the waypoints / free choice
Forming points

Now for the APP

With the current beta, and the setting “next waypoint” I get along super well.

But there are still little things:

When I leave the route and re-calculate off-line (BRouter) it takes forever until he finally understands, no I don’t want to go back. The same goes for detours. If I’m standing at an intersection and e.g. left is blocked, the detour sign points straight ahead, then the app tells me to turn around. The option “Do not turn or turn around” is still missing.

And the last problem that comes up from time to time is that if the start and finish point are too close to each other (start hotel, finish hotel) then you will reach the finish quite fast).

But it guided me quite safely in Thuringia for 4 days, very nice routes. Keep it up.

It would also be great if you could change the colors of the gas stations and other systems, and above all make them a bit bigger.



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For me too it would be a big gain when the combination of Kurviger Web and App can use the waypoint types and waypoint names in the Web as they are in the App 1.13 beta.
Perhaps would solve some issues with the URL when Waypoints are filled using address search. Then currently the content of the URL are the addresses but no coordinates. When you input such an URL the addresses are in the waypoint fields but they are not recognized as useable waypoint data.

Example of an URL with coordinates at the waypoints. When clicking on the Link below shows the waypoints and the route in the map:

Example of an URL with addresses at the waypoints. When clicking on the Link below shows the addresses in the waypoints but no route in the map:üdtirol%2C%20Italien&point=Hotel%20Al%20Pescador%2C%20Via%20Alberto%20della%20Scala%2C%2049%2C%2037017%2C%20Lazise%2C%20Venetien%2C%20Italien&locale=de&vehicle=motorcycle&weighting=curvature&additional_weighting=&ch.disable=true&use_miles=false&elevation=true&layer=Kurviger%20Liberty

Perhaps there should not be:
Perhaps there at each &point= should follow the coordinates of the according address.
Perhaps there should be additional expressions (name, desciption, …? i don’t know!) with the declaration of the address.
Perhaps this issue can be solved in one step when introducing waypoint types and waypoit names like in app? Would be nice!

That should be fixed now in website:

That should work if select “Strict navigation” in “Settings | Navigation | Rerouting mode”:

Waypoints must always have coordinates: this is a mandatory field for their existence.

Waypoints could have names: this is an optional field (in addition to their coordinates).

That will be solved when waypoint names are introduced in the website too.

Which rerouting option did you use exactly?
There are some translating issues with english <-> german :grimacing:

Would be interesting, if you could share some examples (Kurviger Link), and show us where you left your route.

Current rerouting options (and translations) in Beta are:

  • Nearest waypoint / Nächstgelegener Wegpunkt
  • Next waypoint / Nächster Wegpunkt
  • Strict navigation / Strikte Navigation

Hi, I only have “nächsgelegener Wegpunk”, “Nächster Wegpunkt” und “Strikte Navigation” for selction.
I use “Nächster Wegpunkt”, "nearest Waypoint isn`t available in 1.13.7

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What you mean with fixed ? I prefer NO coordinates. I prefer an empty waypoint, so that it will not shown or annonced. Another way wil be, to switch waypoint to “Formungspunkt”, but this isn`t available in WEB yet.