Retrieving route from ID

Hello everyone.

I am still in the development of Roadbook Creator.
I am trying to retrieve a complete route from its ID (which can be found in the link)
Is it possible ?
Thank you.

Sure you can get the route from shorttrac | Kurviger and there is already a roadbook available:

here the details:

and in Excel imported:

I use this approach not for a roadbook but for time calculation of the waypoints - (25.2 KB)


I did not make myself understood.
I will detail a little more.

I am already using the CSV file generated by Kurviger to create the distances in my roadbook.
When I save my work (on my Roadbook Creator site), I can add the url of the route. So, when I want to edit my work, to add the pictograms, I display the Kurviger map in an iframe; so I have the map in front of me and I don’t need to navigate between two tabs.

Since I go through an iframe to view my route, I can also edit and save it.
What I would actually like to do is save the new URL for my route in the backup of my work. Like that, the next time I want to edit it, I have the route changed and not the old version.

So I was thinking that since there is a “route_id” argument in the url, I could get the route from Kurviger.

Hope you understood :smiley:

You can use as id the 5 characters of short url:

Oh yes ! I did not think about it ! I will try this.
Thank you very much !

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It works !!

So you have to do Export > Share link!

Thanks again

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should shown as in my first reply - I overlooked the “translation”.

BTW: my respect for the effort creating a “real” roadbook. I’m not using such roadbooks, for me the kurvige app is more than enough.

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I don’t use the app. Kurviger (which I bought anyway) for my walks. But I create my routes with the Kurviger site, export them to GPX to read them with OsmAnd.
It is still not the same thing in the present case where we do not have a GPS.

For the short link, do not “drop > generate a link to a file”, which I had tried before.