Restore favorites

By failure I deleted all favorites instead of my routing. Is it possible to restore the data?

Is it possible to make a backup of the full list of favorites.

Yes, I know. But is it possible to save the complete list? This would be helpful, if you have to cahnge your device as well.

Bookmarks can be saved with the export function:

App: Map, POIs, Bookmarks, Address, Coordinates [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

To compare current kurviger version with a previous one I uninstalled kurviger and installed previous version again.
Before uninstalling I exported my settings - fortunately this saves also favorites :+1:, because I forgot to save them.
But interesting: After importing saved preferences (including favorites), the favorites are not shown - I have to close and restart kurviger to see the favorites.
Knowing this it is just a comfort theme, no problem, but if you do not know this might cause a lot of work to add favorites again - so perhaps this could be improved (issue is also in version 2.2.24).

Export / import bookmarks is officially done via their menu:

  • “Bookmarks | Import”
  • “Bookmarks | Export”

See the documentation:

“Settings | Application | Preferences” has the mark “restart”:
→ restart the app

Bookmark connection with preferences is just temporary
and will not exist in the future bookmark implementation:

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