Rerouting changes the planned route

I hadn’t time to think more of the workflow or the options, but could work either in app settings or via long press, so to avoid random taps.

What do you mean with “random taps”?

Let’s imagine the situation:

  • We are in navigation mode.
  • You have (touch capable) gloves on.
  • You have lost your route and want a (one time) recalculation - vehicle is possible moving.

Now you want to long press the blue arrow (vehicle may be stopped at a traffic light)
Chances are, that you accidently trigger a short tab

IMHO the one time recalculation feature is only useful if it can be triggered quickly by a short tab.
If you want questions to be asked, then better stop navigation and start it again.


Accidental taps on route indicator.
Alternatively can have the options in navigation settings.

I could imagine a long press feature for the location indicator in the following order:

I personally still prefer short tab for triggering rerouting and options in app setting.
What do others think?


Depends also on what the options will be actually. Options that are not destined to be changed often during navigation should be in Settings.

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my problem in reality is still that I don’t have a feeling if I’m touching long time or short time, because my gloves not always do what they should do.
So normally I’m pressing the button until I see that something is reacting…therefore I have no feeling for long or short press.
So this way for menu is not my preferred one…
Best regards

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I can confirm that. Long touch operations are quite difficult to perform with gloves (often even a touchpen). I already noticed that when switching the follow mode. So any alternative would be appreciated.

I also prefer Short Tab to Display the Options Menu in big size, but don’t agree with Manfred to stop navigation for the Options menu. I want to do everything while driving.

If used several Times you know the Menus and Position in the Screen anyway by heart and can blind use it.

Long Touch for Automatic calc according to a defined Option in settings additionally is ok… The question is how long is long touch?

And i hope it is available in July when the trip goes to Slowenia.

Context menus on Android are performed usually via long press and actions via tap (if be together).

We haven’t decided yet what to put in it, when to use it, where to put it (depends on 1-2).
As options not changed often while driving belong inside Settings.

Regarding timing, like all features, when it’s designed, implemented and tested can be provided. :slightly_smiling_face:

sure, it last as long as it takes… :slight_smile:

normally I would expect that the route is re-calculated to the next waypoint in the planned route when the Button “Skip next waypoint” is used.
Yesterday I had a strange effect when skipping waypoints: I have Skipped all waypoints in Order to get a new route to my planned Destination. But the route was calculated back to the previous planned route, even of there were NO WAYPOINTS any more. I don’t understand why because in this Situation the route should get calculated new and if there ist no more waypoint, then to the Destination.

I wouldn’t call this behaviour rerouting changes the planned route :wink:
Maybe your waypoints weren’t necessary, and Kurviger would have taken that route anyway.
But If you don’t want to share your route we can’t know.


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I can’t share the route because I was on 4th position of the group driving at high speed… there was no way of taking screenshots or whatever.

For everyone:
Can reproduce the route at home and describe later with *.kurviger files and images what happened. e.g. @SchlesiM’s examples
With just text it’s impossible for us to understand any workflow. :slightly_smiling_face:

yes that’s generally ok to follow strictly the waypoints (especially when the blue arrow is used). But on Tuesday I had the effect I used the menu to skip waypoints, in fact I had used this several times successively until I had only the destination to go, but the re-calculation was done as if I had not deleted (skipped) the waypoints… that was the weird situation.

The feature discussed here has a different subject, please remain on topic.

maybe this helps a little bit… this is from the GPS recording and the strange thing is that there are gaps of recording… can this maybe be connected to the strange behaviour?

sorry I don’t understand what you mean… I thouht you had extracted this from the topic to create a new discussion

There we discuss a proposed feature to improve some cases, not user reports.
Those have already their own topics and can continue their discussion in them.
(I moved the posts here)

sorry, can’t do this because I don’t know any more where it exactly was while this happened. I had another route as the road captain and wanted to have a new calculation to the destination because I had permanenty the message “route missed” or was off the route. So I used the menu to skip all my waypoints, but it didn’t recognize this. It wanted to drive me back to my originally planned route. This is all what I can say. If this is not enough to guess what could happened, then just forget it. I can’t simulate it too. I can just descibe the behaviour the best I can.