Rerouting and waypoint types

Hello Emux.

I will sure test that new Beta.

What surprised me a bit in the current user version: “Navigation Mode Strict”
Kurviger applies Strict for both the Via AND the Lower Priority Shaping Points.

Can it possibly remain a little less so not strict for the Shaping Points?
Only the announced Via points so obtain “Strictly Must Pass” imposed.
Must Pass Via Points without name or description can also be discreetly silent.
And so are +/- comparable to “Not Announced” than “Free Pass” Shaping Points.

Do you possibly want to test this in the Beta ?

(I hope this FREE suggestion (designer ultimately decides) will not throw “thunder and lightnings” at my head.)

Please see the related topic where the final details were based on previous community discussion:

(also it’s better to discuss new suggestions in their own separate topics)

For me it is absolutely ok as it is… strict should mean strict, also including shaping points. When you don’t need a shaping point, you can delete it and let Kurviger find the route or use next or nearest waypoint. It was a long and hard discussion to get the strict mode as it is. I don’t want to lose it.

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Tom by PM; as I don’t want to trigger an avalanche of non-decreasing public discussions.

As far as I understand you can achieve that just by switching off the “strict” mode and use “next waypoint” instead:

But perhaps I misunderstood …

Via and shaping points participate equally in all navigation actions:
rerouting (all modes), skip next waypoint, etc.

In strict navigation must follow waypoints order.
(but can exit / enter route between waypoints)

See the mentioned link for a summary of the final details:
(could follow the discussion to see community’s rationale)


Tnks Tom for the friendly and nice PM conversations !