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There are outdated POI’s, namely gas stations. I’ve tried to go to OSM and it says that the POI id cannot be found, still it shows on Kurviger. This is dangerous, because it happened that I was traveling in central Spain and I was relying on the route gas stations. Two of them were closed/disable/don’t exist anymore. It was scary, because there weren’t many availabe in the region. How can we report/correct this?
Example: POI #839478503 (CARRETERA NACIONAL 420 KM 441.900 SPAIN)

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Are you talking about this gas station:

Is it really closed (forever)?

In that case the best you can do is removing it in OSM.

You also can put a remark in OSM, so that any mapper can remove it.
If you confirm, that it is closed forever, I will remove it…

Usually kurviger uodates map changes within a few days, but I do not know the update cycle of POI list.

If the building still exists, you should not delete it but use for example disused or abandoned.

POIs are updated even more frequently :wink:

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Thanks for the info - I would have removed the node linked above (as far as I can see it is not part of any way ).
But - of course -I will read the docu you linked …

In general I think, deleting isn’t a big issue either, I think keeping them as abandoned is preferred, if the building still exists.

Yes, that’s one of them, I’ve found another one. they’re both dismantled. You can check it on google street view.
Funny thing is that I’ve clicked the POI id link in Kurvinger, and the link took me to OSM with a message “not found”. I’m going to try the search feature instead.

If it is classified as a “Gas Station” I must strongly disagree with you. It is a serious misnformation if you are traveling and need to rely on the information in front of you.
At most, should be labeled as “Old gas station” or “Disabled gas station”.

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We don’t show abandoned POIs on Kurviger.

I’ve removed the two abandoned gas stations from OSM. (I had no idea that we can do that, thanks.)
Let us hope that Kurvinger stops showing them soon.

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#839478503 and #839478415 I guess Kurviger has no way to tell… That’s the reason of this post. I didn’t knew that we can edit the POI’s on OSM. Thanks anyway.

Just had a look, only from curiosity, and there were still areas with properties marking both locations as gas or service station.
I edited both and marked them abandoned now.
Iterating older pictures in Google Street View confirmed, that both stations existed in past, and they were closed back between 2012 and 2015.
OSM history showed, that both locations were updated in 2020/2022, but based on government data from 2010. The editor used too old data, obviously without further examination.
Assuming, that this was a bulk change from one editor, I suspect, that there are more abandoned Repsol gas stations in OSM for Spain. I recommend to cross check critical gas stations stops in future.

This is how things starting with Open…, Libre… or Free… work.
OSM, like any other open/free community project, depends on community contributions. With your contribution you became a part of the community, fixed two issues and thus helped other OSM users and services to not run into the same problem.

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Incorrect information about gas stations is potentially dangerous for those who have to plan trips, especially in remote locations. I actually didn’t have a problem, because I looked at Google street view, and I was prepared. On one of the gas stations (that are marked correctly), I wrote the note “Last chance for gas” :stuck_out_tongue: