Report errors in road names

I thought there was a specific thread in which to report errors in road names or highway names. I apologize but I could not find it. I was on a ride yesterday and navigation reported Washington State Route 3 as Northeast State Route 3. This was particularly confusing because I was traveling southwest on this road. Washington State Route 106 was similarly reported as East State Route 106. This is in the state of Washington, USA. The Windows version also lists the roads this way.

Please, share your route with us.
It is difficult to find a solution without knowing details about your route. :blush:

are even shown in Bing as East State Route 106 and 3 (further north as NE State Route 3):

If wrong the correction should be made by a local OSM contributor.

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Your screenshot correctly shows the two roads I was on. Obviously Bing indicates a road name for both highways.

Google maps does not list a road name for State Route 3. On the map it is shown only as a 3 with a circle around it. This is the standard state route designation.

Google maps lists a road name for State Route 106. It lists it as East State Route 106 just as Bing does. But also on the map is a 106 with a circle around it.

The confusion is in hearing the names spoken. If I am traveling south on State Route 3, I would expect to hear, “continue south on Washington State Route 3,” not, “continue on northeast State Route 3.”

I can understand your confusion, but I think you just misinterpreted the voice instruction.

Kurviger meant:
Continue on the road you are currently on; the name of the road is “Northeast State Route 3”.

I am not aware of any navigation system that announces the compass direction. :wink:
Most navigation systems announce something like “left, right, continue” and maybe additionally the name of the road.

I think you’re correct. I remember hearing compass directions only when entering highways when there is a choice. For example, "keep right and turn onto North Interstate 5. This is when there are entrance ramps to both North and South Interstate 5.

You never hear compass directions - you just hear street names … :roll_eyes: