Reduce unnecessary turn instructions

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Hi, @jfauerba,
great that you want to improve the map.

As Robin @boldtrn said, looking at this intersection like a dumb computer, you see:

  • either 45° to the left onto Walhalla
  • or 45° to the right into Wilson Gap.

Hence the instruction “slightly turn left”

My suggestion to improve the map in this situation would be:

  • pic the best background imagery OSM is offering.
    “NC Latest Orthoimagery” seems to be a good choice in this area.
  • move the intersection a bit to the north, as this seams to be closer to reality.
  • Maybe add 1-2 waypoints in OSM to smooth the curve of “Walhalla” a bit more realistic.

I think Kurviger takes map changes into account within ca. 2 weeks.



Thanks Manfred, yes I think this would already fix the issue, that way Kurviger should be able to understand that the turn off cannot bu used by accident.

Great tutorial! I always thought the intersection markers are set by some metadata from OSM, not by an algorithm that checks if the corner is tight! I really learned something today, awesome man! :clap:

While there sometimes is metadata available, usually there is no metadata. If you are interested the relevant OSM tag would is turn lanes. Usually we have to guess if and what instruction is appropriate. That’s also why sometimes we show a slight left if it’s actually a regular left turn, etc. because the OSM data at this point might be a bit unfortunate and the algorithm therefore determines the wrong turn information.

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Thanks Manfred for your your time for the detail explanation of this. When I see this on other roads, I will go in OSM and resolve it when time permits.

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