Received mail that i paid for one year, but can not log in

here under a copy of details in the mail; you see that my email adres is the user name and the system answers that this username does not exist??

Je abonnement van Google Commerce Limited op Google Play is verlengd en de kosten zijn bij je in rekening gebracht. Je abonnementen beheren.

Bestelnummer: GPA.XXX
Besteldatum: 31 mei 2023 13:55:17 CEST
Je account: XXX

Item Prijs

Kurviger Pro (Y) [Discontinued] (Kurviger [Discontinued]) (door Talent S.A.) €9.99 per jaar
Abonnement automatisch verlengen

Totaal: €9.99 per jaar
(Inclusief €1.73 Btw)

I have removed your personal information from this post. Please note, the above is from the old Kurviger App (V2). You should receive a refund for this transaction shortly (if this has not happened yet).

Please note that Kurviger V2 has reached end of life by the end of 2022. It’s not possible to extend your subscription for V2.

You can try the new Kurviger V3 app. It is currently offered for free, as it is currently in BETA but all essential features are already working.

thank you for the information