Recalculation during navigation did not work

Probably not reproducible; anyway:

Today no new route was calculated although it should have been.
Only after stop/start navigation it was working again.

  • I was on the way of basically this Route created by previous recalculation.
  • In Wippenhausen I went left.
  • Triangle “traffic sign” appeared, but no new route.
  • At this point I stopped and made this screenshot
  • tapped on the Triangle → no reaction
  • stopped navigation and started again → Question “start or nearest waypoint” as expected.
  • Now new route was calculated as expected.

This is the original route as it was created by previous recalculation.
20220728_091736.kurviger (3.3 KB)


  • automatic recalculation
  • Kurviger(online) BRouter (offline)

20220728_100924.pref (7.8 KB)

Internet was probably not good (edge in the screenshot) but than, BRouter should have jumped in.
When I put my phone into airplane mode BRouter does work.


Thanks for the detailed report.

If there was not internet and BRouter activated,
you had downloaded the BRouter data for the area?

Network detection on Android is problematic.

As agreed with users, selecting Kurviger / BRouter in settings,
Kurviger tries to recalculate a route if there is internet,
and in case of failure, the next rerouting is done with BRouter.
If there is no internet, BRouter is used immediately.

You can check again with the next app update that will have rerouting improvements:
(especially with BRouter offline rerouting)

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Well not recently. Maybe, I should update the BRouter data.

Network detection on Android is not reliable.

And Kurviger online routing may not work even with little network.

No need for that.

Select (only) “BRouter” in “Settings | Routing | Routing service”
and everything will be much more simple. :wink: