Qualification off Passes / special Routes

As Iḿ an alpin pass addicted driver with a street moto
could there be a new funktionality for next releases like that
Each pass has attributes
usergroup [foot, mountainbike, streetbike, allterainbike, trailmoto, crossmoto, streetmoto,racingmoto]
difficult [1,2,3,4,5] similar to the existing ratings but better extended abc like french climbing ratings
turns – no of total changes in direction more than 45degree
U-Turns – no of 180+degree turns
min driving capability XXX km/h
And each user had profiles
user – potraluser
profile 1 - street moto; max qualification 5c
profile 2 - cross moto; max qualification 3b
profile 3 - vespa o:( ; max qualification 2a
and could use them individually for each routing attempt
mautfreistellungen [ name of the street;POI;… like silvrettahochalpenstrasse with its GPScode]
the functions are

in the web or app routing planner you could filter so you only will see
that passes/streets that fits your profile and the routing algorithm will not use connections over the limits
the statistic could be extended similar to kurvenkönig (this could be en excessive automated calculation turn by turn for the whole map i know but graphic analytic functions may help tomorrow)

may be more ideas of attributes will come by other users
and step by step implementation will be welcome for me :o)
and i will definitely help at catching data

Hi. This functionality actually already exists, you should take a look at Passknacker.com (which loosely translates to something like “mountain pass conquerer” and is a wordplay on difficulty, conquering and checkbox checking).

Even better: you can integrate this with kurviger (app and website) , here’s the tutorial: https://docs.kurviger.de/app/import_passknacker_pois

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