Purchased Pro last year but cannot access it

I am a beginner with the app but last year I purchased Pro subscription on 29 th October. But I cannot determine if the app on my Android phone is the Pro version but there is no navigate button ,. What should I do to be able to use the app? Thanks

There is always a navigate button and navigation works in subscription.

For more details please see the documentation:

Thanks - can see that I have installed Kurviger 2.2.22 BUT there is no mention of it being the PRO version.
And when I click on SUBSCRIPTIONS, I get a windows with 2 green buttons (each stating FREE) and when I click on either of these, I get the same option to sybscribe for a 7-day trial prior to a new subscription starting TODAY. BUT I already have an active subscription … why is it not recognising this? Thanks for your help

Google Play subscriptions and their state are provided to the apps by Google Play app.
(which gets them from Google servers)

If the app subscriptions are not as the documentation,
then your Google Play app does not work properly.

Apps can not do anything about it…

Make sure Google Play / Services are updated and there is internet connection.
Possible solutions are mentioned in the documentation:

Google Play subscriptions can also be checked & canceled on Google Play app and play.google.com: