Public toilets don't appear on map

First example, these toilets here: Node: 961404386 | OpenStreetMap

They don’t show up on the Kurviger map even at full zoom:

Second example, these ones: Node: 410886887 | OpenStreetMap

They do show up, but only at maximum zoom:


If I zoom out just one level, they go away:


I don’t know if you have any control about what details are shown on the maps, but if you do have control, I would say that the location of public toilets is very useful information for route planning.

I think maybe that because the two examples above are point features in OpenStreetMaps, they aren’t as prominent as they would be if they were area features.

Thanks for letting us know about this.

Unfortunately, public toilets don’t appear on the map, because we have limited the maximum zoom on Kurviger to one level before they appear on the map. That’s why they don’t appear.

I do have a few ideas how this can be improved in the future, but this won’t be a quick fix.

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Okay, thanks @boldtrn.

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Public toilets are quite high on my list of “must-have” things as well :sweat_smile:

My workaround:

I have installed Osmand in parallel to Kurviger, plus all required Osmand offline maps. When I search for a public toilet, I just switch to Osmand and use my own POI category “Restrooms”, which, unsurprisingly, shows all objects marked as restroom. It’s not very complicated to create your own POI categories, fortunately.

Edit: Alternatively I just ask at the next gas station. Most of them have a toilet anyway.



You can get POIs (eg. toilets) easyly via overpass turbo and add them as overlay in Kurviger (web+app):

  1. open
  2. Click “Wizard”
  3. enter your search, e.g. “amenity=toilets”
  4. Click “Build query”
  5. In this case we only search nodes → remove rows with “way” and “relation” (saves time for the request)
    Now request looks like overpass turbo (for "amenity=toilets)
  6. Move / zoom map to desired area, use button
    to select desired area
  7. Click"Run"
  8. Click Export / GPX: Download
    You get a file “export.gpx” in your download folder, which you can import as overlay in app or on website

If you start with the link in step #5 only 4 steps are needed :wink:


Eine Navigation App sollte sich darauf beschränken wozu sie gedacht ist,
für andere Bedürfnisse gibt es andere Apps.öffentliche+Toilette/@48.1246189,11.5131332,12.67z


:+1::+1: Finde ich auch. Eine Navi app ist fürs navigieren. Wo soll das noch hinführen.

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The web site is for planning routes, not for navigating. That includes planning rest stops.

Thanks. That is helpful.