Proposal: Introduce tag "Kurviger3"

To improve search I propose to introduce a tag “Kurviger3” (or similar), which can be used to mark threads concerning new Kurviger App.

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How about we do it the other way around and introduce a tag for the old app? I expect that 90%+ of new discussions in the Android-App will be about the new app, it might be easier to just mark the old discussions?


I agree, but I wonder, if

  • is there an automatism to mark existing threads as “old app”
  • how can I search with a criterium like “not old app”

So perhaps it might be better to rename the existing category “discussion app” to something like “discussion old app” or “discussion legacy app”, create a new category “discussiin app” and move the threads about K3 to new category.

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I checked this earlier and haven’t found this option.

I thought about this as well. To be honest I am not sure if this is really helpful? Right now sure, it would make things easier, but in the future it gets complicated, we have different categories and need to move thread around, based on what the discussion is about. Old threads will be dug up by someone and questions about the new app added.

These were my thoughts and I figured, it just make things more complicated? But I am open to discuss about this.

Ich wäre auch dafür alles was die neue App betrifft mit K3 zu markieren.

In my opionion it makes more sense to close old threads (old app) if somebody has a request to K3 in an old one. It could be the easiest way to handle this because there is only reasonable period in which K2 is still alive.

I support a new tag with K3 but it is also important at this time to point out in all headlines, that the thread is about the Beta-Status.

Ah yes, how about a new tag “kurviger3-beta”. Then we can use this tag as long as we are in BETA. Afterwards, we can always reconsider if we still need a tag?


quite good. :+1: :blush:

:+1: I appreciate that!

I created the new tag :slight_smile:

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