Problem with Upgrade subscription

I have a Tourer subscription. It won’t allow me to navigate anymore without upgrading to Tourer+. When I try to do the upgrade I get a notice that changes in active subscriptions can only be made on the platform where the subscription was made. However: I tried Android Google Play and I tried the website, both will not create the upgrade. I keep getting the same message. Another thing: if I am correct, I SHOULD be able to navigate, also with my current TOURER subscription?! Any sugfestions on how to fix my problem?

Text of the recurring message in dutch: Wijzigingen aan actieve abonnementen kunnen alleen worden gemaakt op hetzelfde platform waarop het abonnement is gemaakt. Probeer het opnieuw met de Kurviger Website.

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Device: samsung - SM-S908B - Android: 13 - WebView: 115.0.5790.138
App-Version: 3.1.0 - 1331
Screen: 384 x 824 px - 2.8125dppx

Tourer (without +) does not include navigation.
For navigation you need Tourer+

You should be able to upgrade your subscription on the web site:

  • open e.g.Google chrome browser
  • open
  • login with your kurviger account
  • now change subscription
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