Problem with speed-based auto zoom


I have a puzzeling problem with the speed-based auto zoom.

My problem is, that with a speed of just a bit under 100 km/h, the zoom
factor is already at or near the max value.

I’m using min 12.0 and max 15.0 for the auto zoom settings. Yesterday,
while we were driving with our RV with a speed of ~90 km/h, the zoom
factor was changing between 14.3 and 15.0, apparently depending on the
map orientation (manual, GPS 2D, GPS 3D).

Given that 100 km/h is the (theoretical) max speed outside urban areas,
I was expecting the zoom factor nearing the min value 12.0 for such a speed,
and going up to 15.0 only when driving slower. I tried to tweak my settings,
but Kurviger was always using a high zoom factor at that speed.

Am I using this wrongly? How can I change the settings so that Kurviger uses
the zoom factors leaning more towards the lesser zoom factors?


The min / max zoom just limit the result,
the speed based auto zoom is calculated with sane defaults.

You can adjust it in “Settings | Navigation | Auto zoom scale”.

Does the “Auto zoom scale” only have an effect in speed-based auto-zoom?

Until now in location-based auto-zoom I was not able to see an effect.

Would be pleased to have more info. Thanks in advance.

Auto zoom scale currently adjusts only speed based auto zoom.

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Oh! I had expected that the min<->max range is used in proportion to the speed, not that it just
limits the result.

I toyed around with scaling but I didn’t see any influence on the usage of the min<->max range,
and, honestly, I dont see any difference between different scaling factors. Maybe I don’t understand
what I’m supposed to look at… or do I have to stop and restart navigation before a change in the
scaling takes effect?

So, anyway, with my setting of min 12, max 15, the zoom factor appears to be always at or near 15
with all speeds < 100 km/h. Which means, basically, I can switch off speed based zoom, it doesn’t
work for my desired zoom range. Oh well.


Try this

I’m happy with it.

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Thanks, but your zoom levels are pretty high. I guess I’m missing something
here, but I’d like to get a much broader view of the surrounding area at speeds
near 100 km/h, so I gather I need lower zoom levels, rather than higher levels, no?

With what “auto zoom scale”?
It can be between 20% and 300%
The smaller the “auto zoom scale” the smaller your map zoom level will be
i.e. a smaller “auto zoom scale” makes a broader map view at low speeds.

With a zoom scale of 100%. I tried zoom scales of 250% but I didn’t see any considerable
difference at speed about 90 km/h. I don’t quite follow. I thought the broader view should
be used with higher speeds, not with lower speeds. Given that 100 km/h is the max. allowed
speed on non-restricted roads outside urban areas in Germany, isn’t 100 km/h supposed to
be treated as a high speed, rather than as a low speed?


That’s exactly the way it is!
Have you tried an “auto zoom scale” of 50% or even smaller (e.g.30%)?
That should give you a broader view.

I just went on a short trip to played with these settings. I changed them according to your
and @zaphod_42’s suggestion and, yeah, that works pretty much as I wished. I wonder
why I didn’t try that yesterday :woman_facepalming: