Problem with cutting off the beginning of the sentence during voice output

I use the standard audio channel and it always cuts off the beginning of the voice output, regardless of how much ms you set in the audio preparation.

What phone and Android?
What bluetooth device?

Have you tried with a different audio output?
“Prepare audio connection” is designed by Android to work better with “Phone call audio”.

Or look for a setting on your phone or bluetooth so that it does not sleep in navigation.

Andoid 10 on Samsung Galaxy S9+
Sena 20S Bluetooth Headset

Ok can try with diffent channels

But I think this is only since a while. In the past it worked with the media channel.

The app has not changed in this area.

Has anything changed on your devices?
Like a new Android update?

just the monthly patch.

Have tried the other audio channels in simulation mode. The problem is in media and notification channel. In phone channel it is ok, but the sound is then dull.