Problem with bluetooth Headset and offline routing

I use the latest version and have two problems:

  • since a while my Sena Bluetooth Headset (30K and 20S) don’t activate the Google Assistant any more when pressing the telephone button and Kurviger is running. When Kurviger app is not running, the button still works and activates the Google Assistant. I think this is connected to the recently added external bluetooth device function. The default is NONE. I have tested NONE and KEYBOARD. With both settings it is not working. Since I don’t have Parrot nor Wunderlink, I didn’t test it. This is bad since I can’t initiate a telefone call any more or use other speech control features.

  • when driving through areas with poor or no internet bandwith, the switch to offline calculation is not working. It calculates and calculates, but doesn’t find a new route when leaving the planned route and it doesn’t switch to offline routing (I use Kurviger and brouter for offline routing).

(as an old user, it’s really something we have already asked too many times)

These are 2 different reports, please create a separate topic for each report.