problem TOURER

Hello. I have a problem with my TOURER account. I paid at least June 2021 with my google email account. But when I log in with the same account on the WEB site, the site tells me that I am on a standard account. I have the invoice. It’s the same google email address.
How can I see the tourer mode.
Sorry for the translation. I am using Google Translate


Usually if this happens, people have two different accounts. Do you have a second email address or maybe you logged in via Google or Facebook? I can’t find a subscription with the email you are currently using here in the forum.

Please also see the documentation here: I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

If this doesn’t help, please send me a private message with some more information and I can look into this.

I may have understood my mistake.
It seems to me that there are two subscriptions to plan. One for the application and one for the WEB site.
In June I took a subscription for the application it seems. It is a mistake. So I took out a tourer subscription today.
that’s it ?

Yes, exactly right. Depending on your needs, you can subscribe to just one or both if needed.