Problem on a ferry route

Hello dear forum,

Is it ok to add my topic here? Or should i have openend a new post?

I am planing a trip and i would like to use two ferries in my roadtrip

  1. Paldiski - Kappelskär | waypoint 5 → 6
  2. Gedser - Rostock | waypoint 9 - 10

Hier the link of my planing

I hope somebody can help me.


P.S.: I already looked in OSM but its really complicated to understand (for me :smiling_face:)

Hi Abdul, the problem in Paldiski seems to be these mini pieces of road connecting the streets under the tunnel.

They are marked as access=private. I have switched them to access=yes, same as the roads before and after, which should hopefully fix this. Please check back in about 1-2 days for the server to refresh the data :slight_smile:

The ferry Rostock ↔ Gedser was missing a motor_vehicle=yes attribute (note that motorcar=yes is not the same and will not allow to route Kurviger there) and should now also be fixed in 1-2 days



Hello Patrick, thx for the fast help.

Ich will have a look an what you changed, so i may learn also to do this in the future.

I will give a feedback in a week and see if the changes from you worked.

Thx a lot again

Hey Patrick

The two ferries are working now, Nice! Thx

But from the ferry in Kapelskär kurviger is not finding a connection to the street. This would be streetpoint 5 → 6

Greetings Abdul

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I looked on google where the ferry starts in kapelskär, this is not the same start than in

Change the harbour now or what would you say what hastü to be done. You afe the expert :wink:

I fixed this in OSM, this should work in a few days.

Google Maps is not always right :slight_smile:. I think overall ferry lines might depart from different jetties depending on day to day business, as long as this is more or less the right spot, I think this should be alright.


Thx Robin,

It is working now

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My issue is also regarding the ferry routing error so I think this is a good place to continue. If I’m wrong, let the admin move the post or delete it.

I am planning a route from Naples (Italy) to Cagliari (Sardinia). There is a direct ferry connection between Naples and Cagliari, but the software routes from Piombino (Italy) to Olbia (Sardinia). Am I doing the steps wrong or is something else causing the problem?

I tried to add a via point on the desired ferry line, but that is not an option.

Route link

Thank you and greetings from Croatia

The avoidances for the ferry are set too high.

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I’m embarrassed now :smiling_face:
Thanks a lot!