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Problem in den Pyrenäen

Ich habe ein kleines Problem mit dem Routing mit der App. Ich möchte von Canfranc nach Norden Richtung Urdos, und zwar nicht durch den Tunnnel, sondern über den Pass. Jedoch lässt sich Kurviger nicht dazu bringen, dies zu tun.
Hier der Link: https://kurv.gr/3tXtP

I have a small problem with the routing with the app. I want to go north from Canfranc towards Urdos, not through the tunnel, but over the pass. However, Kurviger cannot be made to do this.
Here is the link: https://kurv.gr/3tXtP

Interessant: Drehe ich die Route um, funktioniert es. Kann mir jemand den Grund dafür nennen?

Interesting: If I reverse the route, it works. Can anyone tell me the reason for this?


That’s weird, but a very small part of the Route du Col is indicated in OSM as a one-way street.

One way


achso, habe es nun auch gesehen. Eine Baustelle kann es ja wohl nicht sein, oder? Wir werden sehen, ein Praxistest folgt im September :slight_smile:

Oh, I’ve seen it now too. It can’t be a construction site, can it? We’ll see, a practical test will follow in September.

Yes yes, that is the main reason we go ride, to do practice tests for Kurviger :smiley:

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I am pretty sure this is incorrect data. I created a map note here: Note: 2764306 | OpenStreetMap

September 2020 bin ich dort langgefahren , kein Problem.

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That’s the topic which finally ends in the highly demand point to point navigation. There are several reasons why kurviger might not navigate via the route - ok, caused by the OSM data however, the data can have issues or roads are temporary marked i.e. as blocked due to flooding etc.
However it’s ok when Kurviger follow the OSM data settings but once again a kind of “override” function with a point to point navigation would be great and finally this is on users own decision using this possiility.

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I removed the oneway tag now. I highly doubt this is actually a oneway.

Entwarnung: Ich bin die Strecke gefahren und fand keinerlei Einschränkungen!