Pro Version

Hi, not able to find the Pro Version. Have downloaded the fre version from Google Play but can’t navigate on Smartphone. Can load Routes but how to start ?
Where can if ind/load/buy the Pro Version ?

The Pro features are provided via subscriptions (with free trial) inside the app.

Hi, yes i have free trial version and can load the route.
But how to start navigating ?

If you have activated the Pro features via subscription,
you can start navigation by pressing the navigation button.

You can see the getting started guide for more details.

Sorry, may iam stupid. I have the free trial version, just new downloaded. If i push the navigation button a windows open telling me what features i have, but nothing will start. Ralf

You need to subscribe (with free trial) first to activate / test the Pro features.

How to subscride ?

You can use app menu “Subscriptions”, select a subscription
and follow the Google Play on-screen instructions.

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