Printable QR Code

Hi there, I would like to have the possibility to print out the QR code (with the route name) to be on the safe side. So i could add this to my acoomodation reservations, tips for sightseeing etc. On a short tour or single tour not necessary but being on a longer tour it would give me a feeling of being safe. :wink:
And yes I know how to use the snipping tool within MS. Best regards Alex

To be safe, I would recommend to use the .kurviger file. The route of a .kurviger can be laoded and navigated along without internet reception.

If you want to print the qr code, you can right click on the qr code and then click on “open in new tab”. You can print that page.

Also see our documentation here.


Great, many thanks - I´m going to use .kurviger but (based on bad experiences) I prefer to have a kind of non electronical backup of my routes. Wasn´t aware that the QR page could be opened and printed so far. Best regards Alex