Preserve waypoint numbers / whole route after recalculating?

Due to the fact that I can’t give waypoints a custom name I usually keep in mind those waypoints which are important for me.

But if my route has to recalculated on tour, Kurviger sets my current position as the new starting point and recaculates the rest of the route. The part between my original starting point to my current position disappears.

After that the next waypoint automatically is number 1 and all the rest of my waypoints are renumbered accordingly. The numbers of the important waypoint I kept in mind are now useless.

Would it be possible to preserve the original waypoint numbers, so that even after recalculating the route, the next waypoint still has it’s former number instead of number one?

Or would it be possible to preserve the whole original route, which means that my current position will be treated as an additional waypoint (from which the route is recaculated), without deleting the part of the route which lies “behind” me and therefore automatically preserves all my original waypoint numbers?

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Thanks for the suggestion.

But seems too complicated and will be obsolete when waypoint names will be introduced, so better wait that feature to be integrated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Prefer to keep things simple, easier for maintenance and for users to understand.
A route consists of start - via points - end. And via points are numbered from 1-N.
Keeping different numbers is essentially like naming them, i.e. the above feature.


Got your point. Sounds reasonable.

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